Mandatory Guidelines 

  • You must include a brief, third person biography in your cover letter and at the foot of your submission
  • Please state whether or not your submission is fiction or nonfiction 
  • Proofread and edit your work extensively 
  • Minimum amount of words can be 200, the maximum can be 2,000 (soft word count) 
  • Submissions must be sent in Microsoft Office .doc or .docx files, NOT PDF
  • Please adhere to MLA formatting
  • Preferred font is Times New Roman, 12 point size 
  • We are closed to poetry
  • Any submissions sent over our Gmail account will be deleted at once 
  • Please note: we retain first electronic rights and non-exclusive rights and should be credited thus 

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“You ever have the feeling there’s a stray something or other inside you?” he said. “You don’t know what it is, like a ball, or a stone, could be iron or cotton or grass or anything, but it’s inside you. It’s not a fire or a rage or anything. Just a big ball. And there’s no way to get at it?” ~From Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

From February 1 to March 1, we’ll be reading submissions for the Celtic Issue. We seek any piece concerning the culture and customs of the six Celtic nations—Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. Short fiction; personal essays; literary, film, and television criticism; poetry; photography; and original artwork are all welcome. 

Be sure to push beyond the traditional tropes—of course we all love bagpipes and shamrocks, but your work should explore these Celtic people and places on a deeper, more satisfying level with literary and artistic intent. Include a brief, third-person bio in your cover letter. If necessary, explain your work’s connection to the theme, as well.

Word count: 200 to 2,000.

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We have a newly mandated soft word count. The minimum amount of words can be 200, the maximum can be 2,000. Please thoroughly proof and edit your work prior to submitting to us. All essays and fiction must follow MLA formatting. Preferred font: Times New Roman, 12-point double-spaced. Please consider using 150% zoom in the Microsoft Office View feature.

Please note: we retain first electronic rights and non-exclusive rights. We ask that you credit "originally published on Chicago Literati" as an epitaph above your short story or essay if it's published in a different magazine.

We do accept simultaneous submissions and reprints, but please inform us.We accept unsolicited submissions but only through our Submittable account. All submissions must include a brief, succinctly written, third-person biography at the foot of said submission or included in the cover letter.

Submissions should not be sent to our Gmail account.


We're reopened submissions for our special series, THE DAILY FLASH!

Submissions must be a minimum of 200 words and must not exceed 800 words. We do not take micro-fiction (e.g., "for sale: baby shoes, never worn"). Please follow MLA formatting and proofread your work prior to submitting. 

Best of all, THE DAILY FLASH doubles as a tax deductible donation to us! Your $5 donation will help keep us afloat! 

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